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We are a national real estate firm that develops purposeful and valuable residential communities that create opportunities for human connection and personal wellbeing.

We offer strategic opportunities to real estate investors who are looking to leverage their capital and also make a difference through their investments. We provide personalized, top-tier service in tandem with high-performing assets. Our current portfolio is valued at an impressive $900 million. Our investor communication from pro forma to disposition is personal, thorough and transparent and we are in touch every step of the way during the negotiation of every sale and acquisition. We simultaneously arrange financing and equity capital at the lowest possible cost in proportion to the risk profile of the transaction. Our team is dedicated to serving our investors, professional partners and communities in a meaningful and genuine way. With CGI, each individual—enjoys invaluable, emotional and financial benefits.

For our investors, from initial vision to stabilized operations we create robust investment opportunities by developing communities that have a substantial impact. High ROI (return on investment) is of parallel importance as a gratifying investment into the communities you help us build. We offer you an authentic investment experience and a sense of belonging with other successful and like-minded individuals.

For our residents, we offer a unique living experience that is tailored to a healthy and inclusive lifestyle. The focus of our residential spaces is on functionality, flexibility and a lifestyle where your wants and needs are met —both now and in the future.

For the community, we are an effective and involved partner whose mission is to positively improve the neighborhoods we serve.

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