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We’re more than your average strategic real estate partner. Our commitment to building interactive and dynamic living environments, while returning above average ROIs is what sets us apart. We build sustainable environments and create opportunities for human interaction and personal wellbeing, and we effect positive urban change. Our projects are custom and adaptive, centered around the current and future needs of residents. We are book smart, street smart and relationship smart and we examine all vantage points. We execute a comprehensive strategy to create unique economic, lifestyle and neighborhood enhancements accelerating smart living and smart investments. From an historical landmark restored to a unique residence experience in Hollywood, to garden-style developments in Atlanta, to flexible urban living spaces in Los Angeles and New York our portfolio is diverse and dynamic.

We care about the communities we serve and are active in local organizations to better understand the needs of the areas and people where we make investments. We differentiate ourselves with an affinity for hospitality programming that makes our lifestyle culture effortless and brings a unique sense of style and wellbeing to our residents. This is also why, year-over-year, our investors enjoy consistent high returns and why our projects are in such high demand. Our company culture is authentic, resonating integrity, trust, innovative thinking, high ROIs (return on investment), and a sense of belonging. Our investors are treated like family and so are our tenants. When one loves what we do and loves doing it for others the results are most gratifying. This is what attracts the most successful investors and like-minded individuals.

Our residences are much more than just physical homes, they are satisfying experiences of human connection and an inspired lifestyle.

“We are real estate developers, investors, community leaders and innovative thinkers. We are book smart, street smart and relationship smart. We plan, we design and we build our residences to impress. We are deeply passionate about the wellbeing and interconnection of all people and we believe that evolved living solutions can transform a street, can transform a neighborhood and if you think big we can transform the whole world.”

  • Acquisitions

    Via due diligence and comprehensive underwriting, our projects achieve the risk-adjusted return-on-investment that we, and our investors, demand.

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  • Asset Management

    Our expertise, vetted selection process, value creation and disposition of assets have earned us the trust and respect from those we work with.

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  • Development & Construction

    By creating custom-designed and sustainable projects, we reward our local communities and investing partners at the same time.

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  • Featured Proejct

    La Brea

    A triumph of community, commerce and cuisine in the heart of the city’s most dynamic corridor of culture. 639 South La Brea is poised to serve as a new central living environment for the Wilshire/La Brea neighborhood.

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